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Ive been living the trimmer rack nightmare for the last 2 years. Like many on the board, i began withe rolling around in the back of the pickup, breaking parts and spilling gas. Last year i stepped up and purchased the cheapest racks i could find from Lowes. Just your basic 3 place trimmer rack. Well i get home all excited to try it out and the paint is already completley chipped off inside the box. so i return them to lowes and pick up a set that is in decent condition and go home and install them. Installation went smooth, well except for the fact that they not level on the trailer due to some high quality manufacutring. Well i load up the trimmers and before i even leave one has tipped over and the throttle lever has broke off. At this point im ready to screem since ive already spent half a day on this project. Let me tell you these racks are made so bad youd be better off not using them. Ive had this welder out all spring trying to make my own racks, but just cant come up with the right design, i had the angle grinder slip out of my hand the other day while i was trying to cut a piece of metal and it bashed me in the knee, cut me all up and gave me the bruise from hell and now im walking around liking a penguin. Someone please help me.

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