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well i just finished a costumers yard put the trimmer in the rack that someone built me and proceeded to drive way (thinking i put the pins in). about 2 minutes later driving down a four lane street i see some guy driving and holding a trimmer out his driver sides window and honking his horn . he pulls up next to me says hey pull over and i am thinking to myself whats this guys deal . so i pull over and and he gets out of his car and says this trimmer feel off your rack about a 1/4 mile back . i look back sure enough it was my brand new redmax trimmer. the trimmer received a number of cuts and bruises. then he proceeds to tell me that he too has a lawn care and he knows what it is like to lose a trimmer. i couldn't stop thanking him . Just goes to show there are still some good people out there. thats one story i don't want to go through again .
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