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Originally Posted by RockSet N' Grade View Post
Victor, the real owner of this pond (my better half) does the 25% water change on a regular basis. She vaccums the bottom of the pond when weather permits ( its just turning spring here).....but that blanket weed and algae keep going. She has even taken water samples to be analyzed and has her own testing kit to keep the water ph where it is suppose to be. Any more thoughts on this little rascal?
The only thing I can recommend thaat you do, is to increase the % of water that you change out each week. You could try 50% water changes. The only concern I'd have would be the expense involved if you don't have a dedicated water meter for the pond.

Do you have any pics of your pond that would show me your fitration and how its set up? If the increased water changes don't work, you might have to resort to chemical options.

AZ... The algae that your talking about being on the walls of your pond is string alagae? The reason why I'm asking this question, is because there is a beneficial type of algae that normally grows on the wwalls of a pond. Its different than string (blanket) algae. It doesn't normally grow out into the pond thhe way string algae does. It normally just clings to the walls (acting as a great nitrate sponge).
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