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Thanks guys for the input. Lol...Homer take it easy man. You're gonna blow a gasket. 8) As far as the $22.50 service fee goes. You know that fee is just a bunch of bunk! Since I group my accounts so tightly in groups. I'm tempted to not even shut the door on the truck as I drive up the street from account to account. So as far as the $22.50 service fee be needed to account for my drive time, that's just not true. I just use it to help set a minimum price. Instead of calling it a service fee, I should have called it a minimum charge. <p>As far as the efficiency coefficient since the 36 is just about 1.3% slower than the 48. If you do the math, $.75x1.3=$.97. As you can see, I'm in the right ballpark. I think I will charge the extra $.05 just to keep everything congruent. <p> were right. The only time we use the 36 is when we have to deal with a gate. As far as yards with rough terrain. I don't take those jobs. <p>I know that I can do a great job of eyeballing a job, and coming up with a price, but one reason why I don't is this. I know we tend to get in, and out of some of these yards before the trailer gate has a chance to settle, but If I do this for 10 years by the way that some of you guys are advocating, I will inevitably under bid some here, and there. I will also over bid some, but the tendency for me would be too be to underbid. If I did underbid by only a dollar on a job here, and there. After only a few years, the lost potential revenue would really add up.<p>I decided to start measuring yards, because it really doesn't take long #1, and #2 it's a very accurate way for me to do business, and make sure that I'm compensated the way that I feel I should be.<p>As far as the 1/4 acre formula goes. I don't take on lawns that big. The people around here don't want to pay what a bigger yard like that is really worth to cut. Besides......I make more money by cutting the small ones. The money is in the coin drop. Every time you cut a different yard, you have a better chance to make more money than a bigger yard that takes the same amount of time in most cases around here.<p>I really do appreciate the feedback Homer, Keith, and Geo. You guys really have me thinking about things that I really need to fine tune.<p>Thank you very much for the ideas, and input.<p>Victor
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