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You need to decide based on your size and usage. Lazer was correct if you have dedicated chemical crew. About ten years ago Trugreen tested the Herbi in 5 or 6 districts. They even used the twin head units, and apparently they found them not productive for their situation. It is also a rather delicate tool to be beaten around in a truck.<p>We sell a low pesticide useage, rather high cost (because of labor) program. Most herbicide application is backpack spot treatment. We rarely do broadcast herbicide applications, so a large tank wouldn't be used efficiently. For space consideration, the Herbi is ideal for our use when broadcast is needed. It can be stored in the truck for use when necessary, and there are always a couple gallons of water in the truck. I actually find the Herbi can be used in a breeze that would cancel use of other sprayers, because no drift is the benefit of CDA technology. Breeze will change the appl pattern though.<p>If the anti-chemical fervor is still as active in your area as in the past, the Herbi is much less visible than a truck mounted tank. In fact, it is so unusual, most people don't know what you are doing. That might be a consideration for you. But you probably must consider a drop in production rate to use it.<p>----------<br>Jim<br>North central Indiana
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