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I bought a used open trailer that had some brand of trimmer rack on it 3 years ago when i started in business. I had a brand new echo trimmer that i put in the trimmer rack, after a few months the echo shaft housing had wore thin up by the motor. Then i started to put the echo in the bed, but it kept rolling around and breaking the trigger. A few months later i was using the echo when the shaft housing broke into, so i bought a new echo and and a new shaft housing for the broke one. I have tried duck tape on the trimmer rack and on the trimmer, but after time it wears though the duck tape. The trimmer rack just lets the timmer move around to much and the holder is just metal where the trimmer lays on. I have been looking around for a new trimmer rack for this year since i will be trading my old echo's in on two new ones.
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