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Stupid System

I bought my trailer used and it had homemade racks on it. They did have a bolt hole to lock it, but I never bothered. One day, we are eating lunch and someone else in the restaurant says to us, "excuse me, but I think that guy just took your trimmer". We run out and start chasing the guy accross Kingston Road (mini-highway in Scarborough). We didn't get hit and by the time the guy is on the other side of the road and didn't even know we were chasing him. In the background we hear a "lady of the night" yelling at him to run, but due to the traffic, he didn't hear her.

We get across and just charge him, at which time he heres us, and realizes there is no escape. Our worker grabs the trimmer which the bum holds out in front of him in a defensive way and then runs away. We didn't touch him due to the smell, and there was no harm done to the trimmer.

As we are crossing back, a car stops in the middle of the road and asks what happened, we quickly tell him as more cars are coming, and it turns out he is an unmarked cop. He radio's for backup, and they ended up grabbing the guy just up the street. He had used needles in his pockets and was high on crack.

We gave a statement, which took forever, and that was that.

Two days later we see the same guy walking down the street with his "girlfriend"... I hate the system, it was a $600 trimmer.

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