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If you have alot of hills in your area, the last mower you want is a Dixie Chopper. They sit up way too high for hilly work; they are better suited for more level terrain. You can make them work to a degree, but you're starting with the wrong breed of horse. Same with the walker, unless you need to bag alot.<br>Of course if you bag alot, you can always bag with a trac-vac & have a 61&quot; to 72&quot; bagging mower vs. the walker 48&quot; GHS.<br>When you get big enough that you NEED a ZTR, Scag, toro & Ransomes/Bobcat are good ZTR's that have a low center of gravity. My personal favorite is the Ransomes/Bobcat.<br>Just be sure to demo a few on YOUR lawn route to see what you like/dislike. All mowers have good AND bad points. Buy what siuts your route.<p>----------<br>Smitty ô¿ô<br>
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