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Hello Everybody:<p>Yes, believe it or not I owned BlassMaster pressure washing too.<p>Here's the URL:<br>There is a lot of good info on this site & they have a lot of info on pressure washing pricing & etc.<p>Yes, very good money. I converted all my customers to use my service. I was instant success.<p>To be very good & running the cheaper cold water units get one with 2500psi & up with a min 3 gal. a minute. Remember the more pressure & the more gal. per minute, the lesstime it takes. I think you could find a decent one for $1000.<p>I can be wrong but I had a down stream injector system & I had it set where it would put out a gal. in about 2 to three min. very easy to calibrate(using low pressure soap nozzel). I just checked using a gal. jug full of water every so often. THis setting is for your soap. <p>I tried all kinds & yes clorox was the best. Catch it on sale buy in quanties, put it in large colored plastic container. See through ones, the sunlite will turn it into water in a week or 2. LOL I lost about 35 gal. I learned the hard way!<p>Always put on cleaner going left to right & start at the bottom & go up. Yes, always wet down bushes first with water. Then after applying chem. go back & wet down bushes again, then wash. I never had a problem. If enough pressure you don't need a brush most of time. When blasting off cleaner start at top & go down!<p>What helped me the most was I had 200 ft of hose which was a hassle rolling up, but I soon realized that I was loosing so much time loading & unloading. Moving & rolling around. So I purchased more hose.<p>In most cases the dirtier it was the easier it was to clean.<p>I also made me a extension out of water pipe I cant remember maybe 8 or 10 foot long with quick disconnects. I could easily do 2 story houses with 8 foot ladder & sometimes no ladder.<p>I never made less than 60 a hour(in mid 8o's). I learned soon do not make promisses you can't keep cleaning concrete surfaces. I also stayed away from fleet cleaning. Big money but in most cases had to be done same time every time on a schedule.<p>I never did it but this is something to think about. Find drive throughs at banks, cleaners, fast food & etc. Then price a clean up price & if possible a scheduled cleaning. Like 1 a week or every 2 weeks. If you get it after clean up, put down some sealer, the kind that is like liquid silicone. Then your next trips will be a piece of cake.<p>Think about this one, very easy to get year round maintenance agreements. Don't forget resturant & Dental office entrances. I would ride & look for the gum at front door. Catch new places & get them signed up?<p>BTW Charge them for installation for the sealer. You can charge a pile of money for this! Lots of people pay to have this put on carports, driveways & etc.<p>This service is a excellent add on service to your lawn service business. I never knew about the rotary nozzels they cut your time up to 300% cleaning surfaces.<p>If your brave & like big, big, big money, learn to clean brick & what I mean is just after they been layed. What I mean in most cases is go after new construction. In my area there was no competition on this service & this man I knew made 90K to 100K a year part time. He picked his work & they paid the price!<p>LOL be careful though, several times he wake up & everything in back of truck would be on ground, the muratic acid will eat a hole through metal in nothing flat. You can't play around with it, so know your stuff!<p><p><p>----------<br>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page<br>
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