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stoner--I've used a lesco 48 belt drive now for four years and it was well used before I bought it. there hasn't been a thing go wrong that I couldn't fix myself IE. starter rope broke (no real problem-left the mower running all day then fixed it in the lesco parking lot after they gave me a bunch of starter cord for free). I do my own belts and such so my machine has never been in the shop.<p>as for the recommendation...mine is not the mtd kind, it is the old model that is tough as nails and dependable. I love it. of course, I could be persuaded to buy a new exmark hydro for the right money.<p>the comment about no real reverse is true about most, maby all, belt drives.<p>one thing to consider is service after the sale. I might agree that, based on my experience, I don't see a mechanic at my lesco dealer very often. that would bum me out if my machine were sitting in the shop. good luck.<p>GEO
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