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Wow, which one do you want!!

I will give you a couple,

1. As the day goes on nearing the end, My guy gets done trimming, puts the trimmer in "The Rack"- Pulls out a mower and helps finish mowing... All is good. We load up the mowers and blowers, and we are on our way. Not 20ft later we hear a scraping noise, My man had forgot to put the back pin in, the trimmer had fallen out of the back and was ran over by the trailer wheel. Needless to say, a new head, shafts, and Edgit. It is as good as new!!

2. Leaving the shop, going to our 1st yard, we get there and "What do you know" no trimmer!! so we back track a couple of blocks, there it is layng in someones front yard, the Pins did not get latched properly, and well, you guessed it. It flew off- a Gas tank, Throttle trigger, Plastic, and it was near new with a few gouges and scratches.

Moral of the storey- We spend alot of cash on eqiupment to rely upon a non-superior piece of eqiupment for storage- and the brain power to make sure it is all hooked in right!!

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