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we res bill after each mowing, yes that does mean sending out 80 invoices a week and the payment is due upon net. We include a self addressed envl, why because its different. and its gets us paid faster. Walmart makes you pay before you leave the store and they provide a person to take your money. thats how i need to get paid. We do about 8g aweek in mowing and i can't give terms to my clients {walmart doesn't}. My com accounts also get bill after each mow, but they get net 10. sounds demanding but we provide the service and we need to get paid.we bill spring clns the same day and fall cln and shrubs trim same day. for 15 years i fought with cash flow and since i changed the cash has been 100% better. the stamp cost is a cheap marketing tool "your the landscaper who" has his client in all ways.
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