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I have a mix of customers that pay COD (each time) and a mix of customers that are invoiced at the end of the month for the work performed. <p>With todays fast paced lifestyles, and many two income families, more often than not, the customer is not home when I mow. It got too confusing for the customers and myself to keep truing to figure out &quot;did my husband pay you last week? I'll pay you for next week now...&quot; <p>I put the ones that I miss more often than not on the monthly setup. The ones that are usually home, reitred, home office, too rich to work, I generally collect as I go. If I miss them, I will leave an invoice in the door, and collect it next week. <p>I like having a mix. It helps with the cash flow. I did get too many customers on the monthly billing, and would get into a bit of a cash flow situation; all the money was coming in in one week, then little for the rest of the month. <p>What I did to relieve this was to move half of the monthlies from the end of the month, to the middle of the month. This sis two things, helped monthly cash flow, and also split my billing time into two days per month instead of doing it all at once. <p>I was all COD for a while, but it got to be too much trouble. It is worth it to me to have to wait the little bit for the money. I also have people that like this, they only have to write out one check per month.<p>I have one guy that doesn't like monthly or even COD. He prefers to pay 50% on April 1, and the balance at the end of the season. I like this setup also. It gives me some extra startup money, and also is like getting an end of the year bonus. I would not want to get too many customers on this plan.
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