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I bill all my annual customers at the end of the month. I will start picking up extra after I cut now that the season is upon us and that helps with the cash flow. I have as many seasonals as I do annuals and I used to think that was a bad thing, but when you put them all down on paper they really contribute to the bottom line. They kick in when my expenses really skyrocket so it kind of offsets things, when the season winds down so does the expenses and I'm back to a &quot;fixed income&quot; so to speak. The main thing is get enough on a year round basis to maintain through the winter months. We still want to be able to chat with you next winter!!!!! I really neglected the seasonals last year and put them on the back burner, what I am going to do this year is work them into the route, if they don't like it they might be looking for somebody else this summer. I do wait for the check on these customers because @ $1.57 for gas now, I think I'll need it quicker!<p>Homer
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