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Orkin, do it on time-and-material, charging whatever per hour is enough to make you happy. Add in the rental charges. Overseed at whatever rate the County Extension Agent's office recommends. After you've done it a few times, you'll have a better feel for what to charge on a Job basis. No guarantees, cause you can't make your customers water, and one thunderstorm can wash it all away. Consider a pull-behind aerator if you've got a tractor that can pull it, and you can hit all the yards in one day--then follow up the next day with a rental walk-behind for the tight spots. Rent a slice/slit seeder--the newer the better, cause as they get older they get slower and the drop rate gets erratic. Are you gonna put down starter fertilizer? I would, unless you have already have soil test results that say the phosphorous levels are at least medium. Straw's nice too, if it's a renovation more than it's a touchup, but it's slow to spread and no fun anytime. Have fun.
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