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MY STORY is mostly the same as all the rest, when i started out a years back, i bought a no name brand trimmer rack, it didnt even have pads to protect the trimmer at all, it was made from angle iron, and had (C) channel were the trimmer went, with a pin to hold the trimers in, well, i bought two new echo gt2000 trimmers and put them in the rack, after the first day of use, i noticed that the plastic handles on the trimmers were getting chewed my the metal, a week later, one trigger(throttle) broke, and they both started hard or were flooded due to the fact that they spun around in the rack, i felt like a fool ever time i was at the curb and having to struggle to get them started....not to mention the fact that i could go back and trace my route by following the gas trail i left behind.... i ended up removing the trimmer rack and the trimmers started right up like the were suposed too.not the greatest story but it mine .... thanks for letting me share with you all....
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