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first off let me say im 20yrs old and worked for everything i have my grandparents gave me the first 21inch mower i used and that was it(which i still have today)

but anyways i bought a used 6x10 trailer off a guy at my cusins work. it had homeade trimmer racks on them. i tried to use them but the trimmer would just not stay on so i finaly cut them off seeing that they were welded on. i lost one trimmer b.c of those racks. now im out another couple hundred bucks. so then i started to put it in the bed of my truck. if you take a sharp turn you can hear them roll roll roll smash into the side of the bed, take another turn roll roll roll smash into the other side of the bed. all day long. so finaly i desided to buy a homemade set off of ebay 40bucks and at my house a week later. so i put them on...fist thing that happens is i break the trigger on the trimmer, if nothing is on them they sway back and forth back and forth. they rusted out like no other and to this day i am left with nothing. i have gone thru 2trimmer racks and 3trimmers due to rack or no racks so i am in need of something good.

good luck to everyone if i can find a pic of the orig i will post it youll get a kick out of it...or better yet my uncle mite still have it...he took it for some odd reason...thanks a lot
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