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you could also get the list from the deed transfer at county offices. The transfer tax rolls would probably do it but I don't know if you could access the information via computer. My county really keeps a tight lid on &quot;public&quot;records, they don't freely hand out anything, and don't mind making you hop over several hurdles before they divuluge. What they are doing is protecting the lawyers who charge you for the free information. The lawyers in the know drop by with Xmas presents in July.<p>In response to my 15.00 giveway per month. Since my minuim charge would be 50.00 per month. A free cutting would amount to 3 months referrals. If you saw my costing sheet you would see that I have this already covered. in addition, my costing sheet also allows the costing of 3% of the profit, if an employee refers the job under his incentive program. And since I insist on 3 year contracts, I usually don't attract the customer who is motivated by trying to save 15.00 off a 800.00 per month bill. What I am extending to the customer is professional courtesy and an acknowledgement on my part that he did something for me.
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