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The best trimmer rack on the market!


Well after speaking with you guys yesterday and I received it today. NO DUTY. That is great, I was expecting atleast 2-30 dollars. So now a little about the rack.

I managed to get it put on the trailer today but my camera battery is dead so I will get pictures tomorow. Installation was pretty easy, you really need to make sure you tighten the blocks evenly. It can be a little fiddly but overall no differen't then any other rack.

Once its all installed and setup its GREAT. It is really fast, faster then any other rack including trimmer trap. All of the peices seem very sturdy and the milling is pretty good (althought there where a few good dings on the top nob).

My only complain downside, which I should have known from the other Greentouch racks is the bolts for mounting to the trailer are way to short. I have normal tubular sides on my trailer and they are not even close to long enough to go through. So some longer bolts would be great. It is REALLY nice they include an allen key for all the other hardware.

I will post up pics and a video tomorow. Overall this rack is a 10/10, infact ill be ordering another one tomorow.

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