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Originally Posted by jc50292 View Post
Thus far, I've still not bought a trimmer rack. I've heard one LCO owner after another complain about the one that they did buy, one actually talking me out of buying as I was about to purchase it. Up to now, I've been keeping my trimmers "bungi-corded down" on my 36" mower, but it bends the guard to do it that way. I was supposed to buy a trimmer rack this week, but I simply haven't gotten out to do it. I'd love for you to save me the trouble!
Here's a story though: I pull an enclosed trailer and my sons often help me. Well, closing the side door is not something I even think about anymore, I just know it's always done...except this day. My oldest son had simply set the trimmer inside of the side door of the trailer. We went around a corner and got onto the Evangeline Thruway when I hear this honking beside me. I look over, and a lady in a truck is waving at me and pointing at the back of her truck and at my trailer. We pull over and she tells me what happened as she reaches into the back of her truck and pulls my trimmer out. The turning lanes are right next to each other...two lines of cars at a time. She was next to me and as we got all the way into the turn, the side door of my trailer opened and the trimmer slid out. The rear end of the trimmer hit the pavement and because it was dropping hard and fast the front of the trimmer was rotating up and over. As the trimmer hit the pavement it bounced back up and somehow the momentum caused it to ride the side of her truck and it ended up in the back of her truck. She was very good-natured about didn't do any noticeable damage to the side of her truck and my boys now double check the latches every time. My oldest son did ask me why I don't have a trimmer rack didn't have a good answer for that one.
Congratulations, you have been selected to win one of our extreme series racks.

It is very fortunate and amazing that the trimmer didn't fly into someones windshield, causing serious damage. With our Xtreme Series rack it will be impossible for the trimmer to fly out. It doesn't even matter if the rack is locked or unlocked either as the quick release thumb levers will hold the trimmer in place.

Please email me shipping information and be sure to include your telephone number.

Thank you for the story,

Matt Lopez
Home of the Xtreme Series Trailer Racks
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