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Well, being that I started up last year, money has been tight. I started looking at racks and I could not believe the cost of some of them. I mean, they just hold a trimmer, RIGHT???? Well, being that I new I needed racks, yet could not afford to buy any, not even cheap ones from Ebay or anywhere else, I decided that while I was building a ramp for my trailer, I would make my own.

I felt like my design was simple and would do the job. I pull an enclosed trailer, so I was not concerned about theft, just a place to keep the trimmers off the floor and on the wall where they belong. So, i measured and cut angle iron, welded them into a nice rack. I used 2" wide flat bar, heated it up and bent a U in them and welded them to the Angle Iron. I rigured if the U was deep enough, the trimmers would not be able to bounce out over the top of the U. So the U brackets are about 5" deep. Well, I have misjudged the effect some of our roads and Railroad crossings have on being able to move equipment in my trailer.

I was heading to a customers property one day and took a railroad track crossing a little to fast (it caught me by surprise) and I knew that everything in the trailer had shifted from the bouncing. What I did not know, was that both trimmers and my edger came out of the rack in some form or fashion. The Edger (was on the bottom) and the middle trimmer both came completely out of the rack. The top trimmer, only the engine end came out. I was surpised that the mower did not crush them, and when I saw the head fo the top trimmer still in the rack and the angle of the shaft, I just new it was going to be bad.

I was lucky that I did not have any major damage to any of the equipment. I did have to make adjustments to the trigger housing on one trimmer and reposition the engine on another because it has turned about 30deg around the shaft when it fell.

It would be nice to get a "REALLY GOOD" set of racks to protect my equipment, especially since as of tomorrow, I am going full time in my business. I feel money will be a little tight for a while and I cannot afford to be replacing equipment due to substandard storage racks.
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