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Anyone else tried these racks out?

Thanks for all the reviews so far.. I'm trying to decide on a set of racks for my box truck now.

My main concern is sturdiness and how securely they grip the trimmer/edgers.
Also it's nice to have quick, easy access on and off especially when summer hits (feels like we skipped spring here lately) and we are working wide open.

Since I purchased this truck last year I have had my trimmers and edgers hanging on these hooks on the wall in the picture below..

Luckily I have never had any fall out during transport (knock on wood)
They do exactly what I need and very quick on/off with no locks or bungees.

That being said there is a chance that these will fall out one day, and I just got a bigger mower so I could use the extra floor space.

So far from what I have read here these are nice quality racks.. user reviews are important for all my purchases.. especially online purchases.

I look forward to reading more reviews here on lawnsite to help me make a decision.. I will be purchasing a set of racks, just unsure which ones yet.

Btw.. anyone have this one?
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