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My trimmer is the one item in my enclosed trailer that I had purchased a rack for at one of the big box hardware stores last summer. It seemed to be working fine until one day in late fall. I unloaded my mower and was doing fall cleanup for one of my customers. This customer in particular is one of my most demanding and expects perfection when it comes to the outside appearance of his home. I had just completed the backyard and was proceeding to the front when I saw my trailer dripping an unknown liquid onto his newly blacktopped driveway. Upon investigation I discovered that the trimmer head had let loose from the rack bracket and landed on my unsecured 5 gallon topped off gas container, causing it to tip over and spill all twelve dollars of gas into my trailer and onto his new blacktop. Being that gas and blacktop do not mix well, I ended up paying dearly to have his driveway resurfaced. In the end I was able to keep him as a customer, but I vowed that day never to buy poor quality equipment again.
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