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I started 2 years ago with a S-10 Blazer, a 5 X 8 trailer with 1/4 to 1/2" rails (never did measure them) that I got for $450, then put tires on it. I never got trimmer racks because I didn't want to ruin them by having them welded on. I put the trimmer in the back of the Blazer. Last year I got my truck, 89 GMC w/ 6.5' bed, bungied the trimmer to the inside of the truck. Both were a PITA. This year I spent $800 on a new trimmer and BP blower and $950 on a new trailer. I also got a tool box for the truck so putting the trimmer in the truck won't work. I am looking at TT for racks but have never seen one up close. I NEED to get a trimmer rack because I don't want to tell any "horor" stories like the ones in this thread. These racks look great.

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