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Ya, you guys with the enclosed trailers need to watch that door. I was making a left turn a busy intersection and I saw a Stihl back pack blower tumbling in my rear view mirror as I made the turn. Then I saw my side door swinging and about crapped in my pants. I stopped my rig right there and ran back to get my newly bought Stihl BR420 blower laying there. It had a few scratches, but it was a Stihl and lasted for years after. Rule number one, spend the extra $$$ and buy things of good quality. Rule number 2, ALWAYS make sure the side door is closed. Later in life I went to an open trailer and used the standard C channel type rack. But all the bouncing around the trimmers do, the C channel leaves a big grove in my expensive trimmers. There is just way to much room for the trimmer to move around. Well I bought a new enclosed trailer this weekend, its a Haulmark like my last one. I still use nothing but Stihl equiptment, its the brand I will use till the day I die. I always thought all trimmer racks were the same but this one looks ALOT better than the rest. I think it would be a great addition to my enclosed trailer. I never thought of putting an actual rack in it until today. The standard C channel type wasn't going to make its way into my new set-up.
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