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Sooooo, here is my horror story of the first ever string trimmer rack! We purchased a used trailer with a no name trimmer rack already on it and it worked out pretty well for the first 2 days.... The 3rd day was yet another story..... Taking a well needed lunch break In McDonalds drive thru, the back post closest to the drop gate snapped at the weld as we were turning the corner, spun around and wacked the voice box at the drive thru and knocked out there speaker..... All said and done, my cheap trailer and trimmer rack ended up costing me an additional $245 bucks from wacking a Mcdonalds drive thru speaker not to mention busting up the echo trimmer we had on it a little too. Needless to say, I am more then sure it also scared the hell out out of the lady working the drive thru with the headset on because we pulled up and she said "what the hell did you do?!?!" So there's my 2 cent story, maybe it'll be worth a new rack, it looks great! Scott
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