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NOT A SOB STORY but its what ive got!!!!

Well about 1 year ago i started getting tools together and getting ready to start marketing on the budget that i had. i have previously worked with lawn care business for hourly wage but feel up to running my very own now. i went out and bought 1 echo straight shaft trimmer and a curved shaft trimmer for my wife. i have a weed eater brand but that is always giving me problems. i also invested in a husqvarna commercial backpack blower! now i always wanted to get the trimmer racks to look a little more professional and also to secure my trimmers the right way and safely. Ive looked at a few but the ones that i had in mine i could not afford at the time. One day in august i was finished up cutting for the evening and approaced a railroad in a not so good neiborhood, and came to a stop as the rail road gaurds came down and the train came. I was waiting for a train that seemed to be forever and all of a sudden i looked in my rear view mirror to see 3 guys on my passenger side standing next to my trailer. for some reason i froze in disbelief as to what they were doing. they were all looking down and then one guy looked up. as i opened my door the each grabbed a tool and hauled A** back through a little dirt pathway that lead between 2 houses and i never saw them again. my first instinct was to chase them but i quickly realize that i could not just leave my truck. so i went to the nearest gas station, parked and called the cops. needless to say my Echo Straight Shaft, Curved Shaft , backpack blower and a can of gass was never seen again. the cops told me i should have had it lock in a rack and began telling me where i can get one! sorry writing soooooo much !
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