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Originally Posted by Johnny H View Post
Ha, thanks guys! I am new to this but I'm not a dumb @$$ either. I sat down, calculated cost of material and labor, gave him the price and he stepped back and said "woah, wait a minute". I was confident with my estimate and I did exactly what Liquidfast said I told him to call the "other guy". He also wanted about 780 square feet of grass removed so he can put stone around his pool and I quoted him at $240 for that and he said "the other guy" gave him an estimate of $150 and another guy gave him a price at $175. But then the shmuck tells me and he really wants ME to do it and he wants to know what i can do about the price. This was all on friday. He called me 2 times since then asking me what the deal was. I told him I already told him my price and thats that. He said he'll give me a call tomorrow. He also wants me to do his lawn but I can just tell that this guy has been through quite a few different "guys" taking care of his yard just by the BS he's putting me through already.

I was just wondering if I was really far off on my estimate. I dont think I was and I still dont think I was even after really thinking about it.

Since u r new, here is some quick free advice. If you do cut him, lets say you start april 15, make sure you bill him now for the april 15th date. That way, if he chumps out, you will know in advance. In the past, I have dealt with slow payers. The following year, I did just what I said and I can tell you that people are less llikely to jump ship when they have paid for the month in advance. I can also tell you that 90% of my customers are a month in advance and no questions asked.

Good luck
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