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Originally Posted by Johnny H View Post
Kinda of a noobie question but I think this guy is trying to rip me off big time. He has about 28,000 square feet of lawn that he wants reseeded and fertalized. From my local vendor I'm getting my seed and fertalizer from, which is a nursery, I can get enough seed for approximately $70 and enough fertalizer for about $65. This guy is telling me he has had other guys fertalize and seed his lawn for $80-$100. I'm just wondering if this guy is for real or if I'm just paying way too much for seed. I usually charge my customers the price of material and $40/hour that it would take me. I told him about $175 for everything and he told me I was way off. And yes, this if my first year getting into the seeding and fertalizing. I used to just mow and thats it,
Thanks in advanced
Hang in there with your price!!!! The customer sounds to me like he's gettin' "practiced up" for his annual vacation to Tahati, Mexico----"No can pay you that price!!! You come-zee down-ee and we talk-ee talk-ee!!!!"
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