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Originally Posted by Xoopiter View Post

How much do you guys sell just the low block/peg assembly for? I have a bunch of pas attachements and would like to put a block on each. Would I have to call after I order online to get you guys to add them?


We are currently working to get those block sets online. They are available separately and we are hoping to have them online shortly (although I do not have a time frame yet).

For a complete block set the price is $14.95. For the support end (the non-locking side) the price is $6.95. We also have the locking side and the price on that is $8.95.

If you want to order them call 1-800-621-6919 and talk to me, I will still honor the 10% off Lawnsite discount.

Thanks for supporting our product,

Matt Lopez
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