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Originally Posted by turfeater View Post
Question : If a multi vis oil is rated say 10w 30 does that mean it has the weight or viscosity of 10w and additives to equal 30 weight ?
and if that is true ,,then why do some engine manufactures ,,,and engine require a straight 30w? Why wouldn't a 10w 30 work ? Unless its additives don't add up !!!

And have you noticed its getting harder to find straight weight oils ?

I want to try a mobil 1 , 15w 50 synthetic in a kaw that specs for straight
30 for normal summer heat ,,,,
my understanding is if it runs cooler the less friction, and there for a longer running engine...

I also have a infared temp gauge and can check it under simular conditions
Thanks already rt
This is the way I understand it:

10W-30 oil in your mower, is exactly the same as SAE 30 oil in your mower, when at operating temperature. The difference is, the 10W-30 oil will behave exactly like a SAE 10 weight oil when cold, which means it is thinner than SAE-30 oil when cold. But this is not a good thing, if the manual calls for SAE 30.

Don't confuse the W in 10W-30 as "weight." I believe the W stands for "winter." Nevertheless, when the engine reaches operating temp, even in winter, the 10W-30 is just like SAE 30.

On occasion, I've run out of SAE 30 and I've used 10W-30 in its place. I've found that 10W-30 in my Kaw will be consumed much faster than SAE 30, which is what he manual calls for in my Kaw engines. I guess it's too thin during warm up, and therefore burns off. Therefore, I really try to stick with SAE 30.

Yes, it seems harder and harder to find nowadays.
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