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Originally Posted by WALKER LANDSCAPE View Post
A wise man told me that I couldn't do both. So far he is some what right. I have had to hire on a few more F/T and P/T guys. We are getting through it, but man the headaches that come with it. I know from talking to you on the site you will manage and GET R DUN (Did I spell correctly?) You know if you ever have ANY questions that I can help you with just ask.
I was planning on doing installs monday and tuesday, possibly part of wednesday to finish up, and the rest of the days for lawn maintenance. So far, got like maybe a days worth of grass cutting. Kinda sux, but it is only my first year. It is spelled GIT R DONE!!! Thanks so much Josh, if I need help I will for sure give you a shout!!

Originally Posted by Clapper&Company View Post
Tom, Walker Thats the way i'm rolling this year, 75% of the calls have been for landscape stuff.
That is the way it is turning for me so far. Everything but lawn maint. That is ok though, it pays more
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