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Your probably right, but that is all the information I always have with me when approaching new customers, and old customers for that matter. Can never be too ready for them. $500 cash for 10,000 sq. feet. Absolutely if they want it done imediately. If they want it scheduled the first wed. of next month, regular pricing.


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todd it sounds like your a tough nut to crack your gonna make the guy nervous. A 10,000 sq.ft driveway could get done for 500 cash deal all day especially spraying the job. Usually you have about 2000 square near the house and the rest is the drive edged with grass when we spray private drives and long driveways we edge them out along the house and any landscape blocks or pavers then apply a very generous coat or sealer with the spray wand and finished with the brush .
ps maybe ask for a refence but don't break the guys balls that bad or he will walk away i's only 500$ i seal lots for 10,000$$ with less
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