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Originally Posted by johnnywill08 View Post
how the hell do you guys measure irregular shaped areas? or do you just eyeball it and use your experience??? i'm 5yrs in the biz and still over/under shoot all the time.
Irregular shapes are not as hard as you think. However, depending on the shape, the math is a bit different.

Depending on the size of the area, one way is to take a few measurements going longways and then take the average of that distance as the length. Repeat the same process for the width. Then multiply the average length by the average width to get square feet.

Circles are completed by 3.14 X Radius squared. Radius is equal to 1/2 the distance across the circle. Example: 3.14 X 20 feet X 20 = 1256 square feet.

Triangle = 1/2 base times the height. If the total distance across the base of the triangle is 50 feet (base) by 100 feet tall (height), you would multiply 25 X 100 = 2500 square feet.

Hope this helps.
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