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Nathan said: Chemicals halt the germination and the seed can lay dormant for up to ten years depending on weather conditions.


None of the pre-emergent products that you have discussed "halt the germination" of weed seeds. Rather a germinating seedling (that is susceptible) absorbs a lethal dose & dies. This is the primary fate of most of the herbicide.

Some seeds can remain viable for much longer than 10 years.

Elsewhere you proclaimed that spreader stickers are a waste of money. I agree that some of the cheap stickers aren't worth using all of the time. However some weeds cannot be killed without the use of advanced surfactants. Most all herbicides can be improved (often dramatically) by the use of proper surfactants.

These unsubstantiated & inaccurate broad based claims are a discredit to your credibility & this message board.
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