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Hi I Just Installed My Own Irrigation System It Was Rely Easy! I Had A Pro Come Out And Give Me A Quote And He Said $5000 For 1 Acre, I Bought Teh Stuff At Home Dpeto And Did It Myself For A Grand. Ha Ha Ha You Guys Are So Over Priced.

Btw, How Do You Use Orbit Timers? I Cant Get Mine To Work. Lol, It Is Way Better Than Rainbird Tho

Also I Used All 1/2" Pipe To Save Money (the Pipe In The House Was Only 1/2so No Use Going Bigger, Stupid Irrigation Pro Tried To Sell Me 1" Pipe.

Ne Ways It Works Great Except That Some Areasa Get Too Wet And Others Are Dry, I Think The Heads I Bought Must Be Broken I Will Take Them To Hd !
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