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Same problem.

I have a 2006 44" Super Mini Z with the mulch kit on it and I have the same problem with uncut strip of grass in the middle of the deck. I think it is the left side middle. I did not notice it that much until I started cutting fescue and zoysia grass. I mostly cut bermuda,and I noticed it when the bermuda was a little higher than normal.

You can really see it bad on the fescue and zoysia. I bought the mower in June of 2006 and really did not use it that much because I was just starting out and did not have that many customers. I think the mower is great but I really wish it had a better cut.

Can you tell me what part numbers and parts that I need to get this problem fixed. I bought it from Terrys Tool Rental in Cumming Ga. and so far they have been great. I would like to call Terry with the part numbers and parts list so he can order them and I could get this problem fixed.

Thank you for your help. Dave...
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