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Start up costs for a new business (just about any new business) can be more overwhelming than most people plan for. Dreaming of your new business, and how you plan to be the "new guy on the block" with that seasoned professional look is the goal for many of us. Of course ... reality sets in, and money often runs out about the same time.

When I started out I had the same goals and ambitions as those noted above. With the purchase of mowers, trimmers, edger, blower, trailer, hand tools, extra blades and parts ... etc, etc, etc. ... my finances ran short as well. Like many others, I had every intention of making racks to hold my equipment in my trailer, up off the floor (didn't want to really look unprofessional), and save myself an extra $100. - $150.00. After all, how hard can it be to build a rack to hold three or four pieces of equipment?

I soon found that one of the big problems, and concerns, is to make sure the trimmers don't turn in the rack (which they will) ... and spill fuel all over the floor of your trailer, not to mention anything that happens to be below it, in it's path before it gets to the floor. Leaking gasoline all over my edgers motor, the motor for the pole saw, the tie down straps on the floor, and of course the floor of my enclosed trailer.

Time spent cleaning up the mess ... replacing the fuel (and oil mix too) ... the strong smell of gas for days and days as it is soaked in the wood of the trailer! It's not ... NOT ... worth it. We spend thousands and thousands of dollars on commercial mower and equipment, charge good money to maintain peoples lawns and landscaping ... yet we want to save a few bucks by not buying good quality equipment to secure our hand held power tools? We need to think again.

If you're going to be professional ... then be professional. As my father used to say ... a mans work is only as good as his tools. Take care of them ... they take care of you.

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