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W is for weight. Iused to be in sales for big oil jobber. Most old wives tales are told for the oil companys sake, you guys have heard them like you shoud not change brandsin used equipment, bull. I use full pao's in trucks after they are broken in. In my diesels which range in hp from 33 to 425 we use 15-40. I used stick with 1 brand but for conveniece have gone back to Rotella. Most people think theres a dollars worth of difference between best and worst actually more like a nickels if even. Mostly stick with name brands but have been using Wal-Marts super tech 10-30 full syn in trucks made by major and at 13.84 for 5qts is great buy. I also switched all my hondas over and with good results. Oil changes are more important than oil brand.
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