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Originally Posted by N.H.BOY View Post
Busy day today Jason or were you up in warren today??
Went down that road in andover today I had to go to New LOndon today so I went down to try and find that customer ,but no luck the road split so I took the right one, but didnot see anything that looks like a job.
Ya i ran a few errands and waited for the customer to call... well she decided to e-mail me instead . Ya i drove past the house my first time too. Whenever is good for you this week we will do a drive up.

Originally Posted by hotshot4819 View Post
kings, everything is going great over here. me and coastalscapes have been qouting alot of jobs together acutally, myself doing the lawn instal part and brain doing the trees and flowers. its nice having someone to team up with, last year i didnt have that.
i also got a call from ginger today the organic lady hopefully something goes through with her.
hope you guys are all doing well.
Definetly nice to have people to team up with! Haven't had that in the past either myself. However so far i have teamed up with Chris (Deeproots hydro), Scott (NHBOY), Ken (A-Cut- ABove), and Bill (Bamaa). So its definetly good to have people like that.

Ya Ginger is pretty smart when it comes to organics and flower/trees etc. She have a lwan in mind for you or something good?
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