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How about?


Can you justify the travel time? Driving total of 40 miles both ways, sounds like a Hour of extra Driving. So add 1 extra hour per man per day & the losses add up quick. You would have to charge double for your first hours work to break even. Just Look a Little harder at what you are doing?

Even harder on you if it takes you a while to build up a days work & if you have a break down or have to go back home.

Consider trying to get more accounts where you are at & also look at add ons for your business.

Look at other things you can do to make money without loosing 1 hour per man per trip.

Get the right add ons & incorperate them into your already established business. Figure ways to cut your expenses & Increase your profits.

Look around I bet you can find other Venues for making Mo Money. Without spending a arm & a Leg?
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