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Burned my grass with pro-select 24-5-11

I burn't a good portion of my grass using Scott's pro-select 24-5-11! I just used their starter fertilizer this past April 2007. No issues at all. I keep my grass at 3 1/2 inches, and keep proactive with fugus issues in addition to nutrients. Usually I use Espoma's Organic Lawn food, but I figured I would try some of Scott's proselect. I just though that this stuff was buffered enough whereas one could avoid burning their grass. And now I have a combo of brown and green. Ironically my backyard was so so (mostly shady). I figured I water water water, and wait it out for a few more days, and then commence with a good seed combo, upon prepping the soil to hold the seeds. I wondering if some gypsum might help in the extraction process with regards to the fertilizer. Worst case, I may have to rake up the dead grass (play by ear) What say you? Thanks in advance.I am a new member as of today, however I have accessed this website for about 2 years or so, and oh what an excellent resource!

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