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Walker gearbox

Still waiting for parts to be ordered. Since I am doing the work myself dealer will place order until he has a order himself.

I cannot find just a case, however I know have everything disassembled.

I opened gear case and everything inside is in "like new condition".
As you said before case is light duty no keying dowels.

I can easily flip the case, wich would put the small hole on top which could be easily migged and sealed with an adhesive type sealer. (we use it on cars in low pressure applications)

In looking at the case the bolt holes are much deeper then the bolts I removed.
I am wondering if the problem was caused by improper size bolts.
The bolts I removed were 5/16-18 x 5/8 long.

With the thickness of the frame that leaves very little bolt holding the box. The box cracked exactly at the end of the bolt.

Was lenght bolts should be holding the gear box?

Also after reading the other notes. I want to say this machine appeared well maintained. All oils clean, new filters, no oil leaks, no fluid leaks.

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