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hello, check with dealer on bolt length , sounds right but then again? There listings will tell u the length etc
As u can imagine i am being alittle cautious being that i cannot actually see the pto box .
I would be cautious welding case as distortion may cause other issues eg make the bearings not sit corectly . Remember not all alloys can be welded well it depends on the material .
Look for discolouration in the in any runing surfaces.Grey colour where the bearings run not good and especially if there is pitting .Silver to very light grey is ok .
Teeth on gears should not have wear u can feel ,no excessive pitting .Tooth profile should not be ^ .Either side of teeth should beslightly rounded .
Check output spline with a new coupling ,if this is worn replace box.
The shaft that sticks out 4 the ghs blower pulley ,the keyway maybe worn out . This wears when there is alot of play in drive to deck components .
The areas where the the seal runs on shaft can have no marks from seal wear . If it does it will only leak prematurely if u do not have them welded and machined smooth
The cases cannot be flipped .[upper or lower]
Repair case if repairable with a alloy suitable putty """'Devcon"""

I am aware j-thomas carries the one for the MT model but you will require part no from dealer 4 the diesel

post a photo if u can of damage

All my info comes from experience with the earlier box but mine has a very very slow leak. [top up once per 3wks ] Looked into late box the very first time i did box around 2000 . I have now ordered the replacement should arrive this week .I ordered the later pulley also .

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