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Hello:<p>I did not say anything at all bad about Mr. Stone! <p>I don't think you are talking about me.<p><br>I even gave Mr. Stone a compliment compairing him to Ed because they are the only 2 people that I know, that have that kind of knowlege about equipment & figures.<p>Wait a minute Bill you wasn't talking about me, I'm sorry. <p>I've read your post not all of them but I think you have made at least 150 or more post here. You are a giver & a true asset to the forum.<p>I wish I had thought of the interview. A brillant Idea, 2 great minds meet!!!!!<p>I now think I'm going crazy, what if we find out that Larry & Ed are the same person just different E-mails. No way?<p>If trade magazines follow up on this I'm going to smash my mouse finger with a sledge hammer. LOL<p>This Internet stuff is driving me crazy, I think. LOL<p>GrassMaster - Home:<br>My Start Up Page<p> <br>
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