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Walker Gear box

Thank you for all your help.

I have learned a lot.
The gear box in my tractor is the newer style and I really do not think it has many hours on it. The seals and gears are like new, no metal filings in the case, no wear at all anywhere.

The 2 case halfs are excatly the same. Except for one half has threaded holes for the 8 bolts to screw into.

I put the bottom on the top, and the top on the bottom. Sealed the hole with Por 15 Epoxy putty, and put everything back together, using Permatex RTV gasket maker for a gasket. (factory used the same thing)

I just need my new shafts to themower and I am all set to go. I did install my old shafts and ran it slowly but you can easily see the bend in them when rotating.

I now believe the box was replaced a short time ago and the shafts never checked. The vibration caused the box to lossen up and crack.

The shafts are in stock so I should have them on Wednesday.

I let you know how it runs with the new shafts.

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