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Originally posted by LAWNGODFATHER
... This is the bigest Lawn care and landscaping forum in the world, it is that for many reasons. ...
This may be true. However with no disrespect intended - is it the BEST???? I do not agree with the fact that just because you are the biggest LCO on the block, that you are the BEST!!!

I personally am undecided as to what benefits it would give us to have this a pay site. In the beginning as Lawnicure/Hall.of.Forums many of the "oldtimers" here have discussed the exact same subjects many of us yung'uns are today.

I would think that if this site were to become a paysite that there should be some kind of benefit to us as members. Possibly by offering discounts thru parts vendors, or insurance rates, or company embroidery shops, etc.

Just my .02
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