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I need some help!! This morning I did an out of season aeration job for this man. We talked on the phone the other day, and agreed upon a price, $50 which is my minimum.<p>When I got to the job, he was gone to work, but his wife watched me do the job. After completion, she went off on a hissy fit. Unhappy that they were paying me for only about 15 minutes of actual labor.(I was there for a total of 50 minutes due to complications with my aerator) I asked her if their was a problem with my work. There wasn't. Just the fact that i was there for only a short amount of time. I explained that i have a lot of costs that she needs to factor in plus the fact that her husband and I agreed on a price for his lawn to be aerated, not for the time I planned on being there. She wouldn't listen to me. Just kept repeating that I was being paid &quot;$50 for 5 minutes of work&quot;--her words.<p>I left without getting through to her. It really bothers me that either I wasn't explaining myself or that she wouldn't listen.<p>I called her husband at work. He chuckled and told me he already heard from his wife about our exchange. He told me that he explained that &quot;if this guy did a satisfactory job, that is what I paid him to do. It's OK that he bought fast equipmetnt to aerate the lawn.&quot;<p>That made me feel much better, but I am still upset that I had words with this lady. <p>How do you guys handle these situations? What else could I have said? With technology advances, we are seeing lawn care becoming much more efficient than it has been. And I for one don't want to do any extra work or spend any extra time on a property than I have to.<p>They just started with ChemLawn. I would love to here her reaction when they spend 3 minutes on her lawn and charge her $35 bucks.<p>By the way, did I mention that she lives in a $500,000 home in an expensive Country Club?<p>Please help me!!
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