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Nate,<br>I once trimmed bushes for a lady and she went inside and i had the $35 job done in 8 minutes. She was speechless. Then she told me to do another thing while i was at it and i said ok then she came out and said trimm those to you only worked for 5 minutes only. Then i told her look lady i told you a price you told me what you want done and i did it and then some. She insisted for me to do more. So i said fine but it will cost you 50 . Then she said well i was going to pay you that anyways. She had a baby on the way but she was rude as can be. she had me cut down the fallen limbs into pieces and she said i shouold take them away too. i tried to explain to her that i cant haul away wood for nothing but she just kept insisting like she was getting a bad deal. Anyways after doing all this work she made me take out her garbage too and i demanded the money and she insisted i put the wood in a pile.I did that too. then she said i should take them away. This is when i stood my ground and blew up i told her shes to get my money for what i have done (and then some) and pay me what she promised to freagin pay. Next time when they come out and are startled at what you did just look at them in the eyes and say you will do no more and no less and need to get paid NOW! She paid me and said thank you in a bad way and i left there felling like very pissed off like i had been totally screwed by a pregnant lady. I think next time you tell them up front and when you meet resistance just stand your ground and be firm dont compromise because some people will treat you how ever they think THEY should. Sorry if i sound angry but i am still mad about that lady.
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