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This is the exact reason that I charge most of the time by the hour when possible. Especially if the customer is there while you are doing the job. THat why most welders will not jump on the job when you bring it in. They don't want you to keep up with the time it takes them to do the job. They want you to leave and come back. But since y'all did give a job price. I would have stuck to that price and NOT have done any extra work. Just held my hand out and waited her out. An agreement is an agreement and she was taking advantage of you. I tell people they will come out better if they pay me by the hour. I give them a choice up front. Because I work FAST. So If i do give them a job price and get it done quick. I can remind them of that fact. AND THAT I WANT MY MONEY. If you do work by the hour tell them that you charge a minimum service charge if the houly comes out to less than you charge just to come to someones house example: $45 service charge. $25 per hour. If you finish at 45$ worth of work you take that. Ifit is less than that you still take that $45 minimum. Communication is the most important thing. When you get half way through let them know how much money they have spent up to that point.<br>
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